Provide an EU or UK contact address to place on your products
Use our extensive product compliance knowledge to efficiently check your technical documentation complies with product legislation
Represent your products as your economic operator
Liaise with market surveillance authorities on your behalf
Offer competitive pricing with no compromise on service quality
Where required, register your products on the appropriate EU
database including EMSA MED, EPREL, ECHA and CPNP
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of Conformity
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Authorised Rep Compliance provides EU Authorized Representative Services (formerly EC) and UK Authorized Representative Services for trading and selling goods in both the European Union and the United Kingdom (UK).

If you manufacture products and goods to be imported and distributed in the EU or UK and are required to meet EU labelling requirements then appointing an Authorised Represenative provides a single point of contact with market surveillance authorities enforcing consumer protection and health and safety. It avoids your distributors having to represent your products and needing access to detailed technical documentation on your products.

With more than 25 years experience working with European and UK product legislation, our expert service will provide you with the representation market surveillance authorities and customers expect.

Our sister company Product Compliance Support Ltd can help with any aspect of Product legislation if required.

Update from Amazon on their Responsible Person Service

On March 31st 2024 Amazon are ending the Amazon Responsible Person Service and will require all sellers of CE marked products to transition to a new provider

Let us help you to comply:

  • We offer a very competitive Responsible Person service.
  • Our team have many years’ experience in product compliance and would be delighted to help.
  • ARC is the Responsible Person for many brand owners who currently sell on Amazon. Here are some of our reviews;

What our brand owners are saying

Flipfield “We are very satisfied with ARC. The Team is always friendly, customer and solution oriented, even with small issues. Most importantly they have very reasonable prices”.

Trackimo “Arc give a competitive price and always provide a great service! Consultants have extensive, current knowledge of compliance legislation, giving us real peace of mind.

Winster “Friendly and efficient company to deal with. All my needs covered with no complicated issues”.

Please contact us for expert advice and outstanding professional support in helping you meet your EU (EC), or European Union Authorized Representative and/or EU Person for CE-Marking Responsibilities – we are ready to help.


Understanding the meaning of an EU, EC or UK Authorised Representative will help understand why an EU AR, EC Rep or UK Rep may be required for importing and exporting products in the European Community or the UK.

The requirement for non-EU products to be represented to the authorities by someone in the EU has been around since the EU single market was launched in the 1990s. Initially, the rules were very unclear and it took a long time for them to be clarified enough for most manufacturers to realise the need.

A major change occurred on On the 1st January 2021 when the UK left the EU single market. Anyone in GB or the EU placing goods from the other side of The Channel on the market could no longer be a distributor. Instead they needed an importer established in the market on which the goods are being placed.

In recent years the legislators have made efforts to strengthen and extend the requirement for authorised representation to more products and supply chains in order to help consumer protection authorities deal with unsafe products.

In particular the market surveillance Regulation EU 2019/1010 tightens the rules in the EU for imported products to help the authorities trace and question overseas manufacturers.

We can help you meet these new rules and in particular provide you with:

  • An EU address to place on all your products supplied in the EU
  • A UK address to place on all your products supplied into Great Britain


We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions.

Below you will find questions relating to Brexit and the requirement to have an Economic Operator in the EU and also legislation known as Regulation (EU) 2019/1020, concerned with regulating market surveillance and compliance of products.

Why do I need an Authorised Representative?

For CE and UKCA-marked products, what are the extra obligations my distributors must take on if they have to become my importer?

For ‘general’ products without the CE or UKCA mark, what are the extra obligations my distributors must take on if they have to become my importer?

Why do the Authorised Representative’s details need to be on the product?

Do an EU importer’s or Authorised Representative’s details need to appear on the Declaration of Conformity (D of C)?

I am a GB (or other non-EU) manufacturer of products which fall under the General Product Safety Regulations (GPSR). I have EU distributors. Do I need an Authorised Representative?

I am an EU (or other non-UK) manufacturer of products which fall under the General Product Safety Directive (GPSD). I have UK distributors. Do I need an Authorised Representative?

Which supply chains for CE marked products need EU representation?

Which supply chains for CE and UKCA-marked products need GB representation?

Which supply chains for ‘general’ products need GB representation?

What does ARC need to check before representing products?

How much does it cost?


Our prices are extremely competitive without compromising on technical expertise or quality of service.

Our pricing structure considers four elements;

  • Number of products/families of products,
  • complexity of products,
  • potential hazards and risk
  • quality of supporting compliance information.

How Can We Help?



    Do you need to change your Authorised Representative?

    This is completely acceptable under EU and UK legislation; we can help to process the required paperwork and we may be able to reduce our set up cost considering any pre-qualification and/or audit work completed by your current provider.

    If you are looking to change Authorised Representatives then please contact us to discuss your situation.

    Our Satisfied Customers

    Dan Moore,

    ARC Compliance’s Authorised Representative service is important to our business and has helped us to maintain seamless and compliant trade with the EU following the post-Brexit legislation changes. I’d recommend…

    Markus Filip, CEO Flipfeld

    We have been selling household products all over Europe for almost a decade now. With Brexit we needed a new reliable partner for updates about compliance changes and representation in…

    Viktor Kapustin,

    I had an exceptional experience with Authorised Rep Compliance (ARC) while seeking assistance with registering in the UK and EU. Their team was incredibly knowledgeable, efficient, and supportive throughout the…

    Fabrizio Frisoni, DULCOP International S.p.A.

    We appreciate our collaboration and the swiftness of ARC service. The complexity of our data is smoothly handled by this company.

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    Latest Developments

    Amazon’s Responsible Person Service to end

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    Acceptance of CE marking extended indefinitely

    STOP PRESS: On 1 August the UK government announced that recognition of the CE marking for placing most goods on the market in Great Britain, will be extended indefinitely. This applies to the 18 regulations that fall under the Department…