Process Stages

How do I appoint ARC as my Authorised Represenative

The process is very simple – see steps below.


Stage 1

Complete website contact form, email or phone us to discuss your requirements

Stage 2

If our service is appropriate for you we will provide an estimated cost for the service and send you an application form.

Stage 3

When we receive the completed application form, we will review it and confirm the costs in a quote.

Stage 4

If you are happy to proceed we will issue the invoice and service contract. We will become your Authorised Representative once the signed contract is returned and payment has been made.

Stage 5

We will issue you with an official certificate and provide guidance on how to mark your products, packaging or accompnaying documents with our details.

Stage 6

Depending on the complexity of your products, we may carry out a more in depth review of product compliance. This is our area of expertise and will ensure we fulfil our responsibility as your Authorised Representative.

Stage 7

A month before your contract is due for renewal we will contact you and ask for an updated product list and check all your details remain the same. At any point during the year, however, you may let us know if you have additional products or just ask for our support or advice.

For further information please see the explanation of each step below.

Stage 1 explained

Stage 2 explained

Stage 3 explained

Stage 4 explained

Stage 5 explained

Stage 6 explained

Stage 7 explained

Declaration of Conformity Templates for CE and UKCA Marking

We have a selection of templates available on our sister site Product Compliance Support. Click the image below to access our templates shop.