A Guide to UKCA Marking


Acceptance of CE marking extended indefinitely

On 1 August the UK government announced that recognition of the CE marking for placing most goods on the market in Great Britain, will be extended indefinitely. This applies to the 18 regulations that fall under the Department for Business and Trade (DBT) such as electrical apparatus, machinery, gas appliances, PPE, pressure equipment and measuring instruments. Other product sectors such as construction products and medical devices are expected to

Below are some common questions regarding UKCA marking for products in the UK.

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What is the UKCA mark?

When does UKCA marking start?

What is different about UKCA marking?

What stays the same for CE and UKCA marking?

Can UK conformity assessment bodies certify CE marked products?

Can EU Notified Bodies certify UKCA marked products?

Is the UKCA Marking required in Northern Ireland?

What is the UKNI marking?

Does CE-marked stock need UKCA marking?

What size, shape and colour does the UKCA marking need to be?

What kind of labels do I need for the UKCA marking?

What is in the Technical Documentation or Technical File required by UKCA marking?

What are the differences between CE and UKCA technical documentation

How do I complete a UK Declaration of Conformity?

UKCA Declaration of Conformity Marking Templates

We have a selection of templates available on our sister site Product Compliance Support. Click the image below to access our templates shop.

We have UKCA Marking Declaration of Conformity Templates to purchase at our sister site Product Compliance Support