Amazon’s Responsible Person Service to end

If you are selling CE marked products on Amazon and using Amazon’s Responsible Person Service, from 31st March 2024, you will be required to switch from Amazon’s Responsible Person Service to a third party EU Responsible Person Service or an EU Responsible Service for CE-marked Products.

Essentially it means that you will need to appoint an EU Authorised Representative as these companies provide exactly the same service as an EU Responsible Person for CE-marked products. The role of a European Authorised Representative is to act as the central contact point for the compliance documentation produced for your products. This will show which EU Directives and EU Regulations your product complies with.

As an Amazon Responsible Person, your Authorised Representative will also be responsible for communicating with the European Market Surveillance authorities.

Our staff at ARC will provide exactly the service you need along with the experience and knowledge to help you smoothly make the transition from Amazon’s Responsible Person Service to an EU Responsible Person service or EU Responsible Person for CE-marked Products.

If you require assistance with meeting CE Marking Compliance Regulations we also provide a full CE Marking consultancy service at our sister company Product Compliance Support, where you will also find support for UKCA Marking regulations.